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Reco TV is independent and non-commercial internet tv station,with non-profit operations related to popularization of the history. Since 2014 our episodes are prepared also in English.



Reco TV team is the group of people with many interests, related to many industries and services. Common passion - history, connected us. Harmonious team familiarized during taking part in different events related with historical reconstruction. Every of us knows this world and we know what pleasure it is to make ancient times closer to others. We want to popularize this knowledge via Reco TV for viewers in Poland and the whole world.


  Grzegorz Jakóbik - Editor-in-chief, operator, editor and originator of RECO TV


Tomisław Szeliga - reporter, operator and co-originator of RECO TV.


  Joanna Jakóbik - reporter and translator


Katarzyna Fludzińska - reporter, marketing and PR specialist


Gracjana Sokołowska - reporter


  Tomasz Kowalczyk - reporter


Currently we possess two cars, you can see during our events we participate in:



History is the school faculty not so much liked. Our mission is to change that approach. In our reportages we do not limit to the one age only, we try to show variety of reconstruction events- starting with antique and ending with modern times. We want to prove that our past is interesting and it is worth of knowing it from different sides then presented in the school tutorials. We want to contaminate with our passion, presenting of the nobility world, knights' one or antique soldiers also from the backscenes perspective, as we are interviewing participants of amazing historical battle reconstructions, craftsmen or people who show us daily life customs. We are gaining also information about events and places, related somehow to history, as the example we present reportages about fencing schools and planned reportage about medieval dancing schools.


We are still building our team. We have currently passionats of history from different cities of Poland and Europe, but we are still looking for new enthusiastic people. Feel invited to join uor team! If you want to help as as reporter, operator, editor or translator, your place of living does not count. Just write to us.




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